ICODEX Software GmbH

The newly founded ICODEX Software GmbH has continued the business operations of the former corporation ICODEX Software AG. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of BCC Unternehmensberatung GmbH. The focus of activities is the product Comm&Work, which is well-established in leading enterprises like Vattenfall or Sixt. This comprises a comprehensive integration platform for business processes which is build on the future technologies Eclipse/J2EE. The company ICODEX Software AG has been founded in September 2002 and developed software for advancement of processes and value chains on the basis of web-based technologies. Business Process Management has been and remains the determining factor for ICODEX.

Business Process Management (BPM)

With the product „Comm&Work“ ICODEX enables organizations to realize a new dimension regarding integration, handling and deployment of latest  IT standards and tools. Digitalize and experience all your business processes and achieve cost savings through routing, transparency, flexibility, tracking, and efficiency. Learn how!

Explore the next level of Notes Client Administration today!

The infrastructure specialist BCC undertook the further development of the Notes Client Management unit (product ClientGenie) and brought shortly after in December of 2007 a new version to market with great success. The latest version 4.1 of the product with the new name BCC_ClientGenie is now available for customers and prospects to download. Visit the product website: